Revit -Object Styles/ Line weights

Set the object styles and lineweights in the project template so the output graphics meet your requirements.

Start by setting the object style lineweights. These are set relative to one another to represent how you want elements to display graphically next to each other.

To help with setting object styles in the template:

  1. Create a sample plan detail using elements from different categories which use different object styles.
  2. Duplicate this view and change the scale so each view shows the same elements but will be printed/shown at different scales.
  3. Compare the on-screen and printed appearance and adjust the object style settings, as required.
  4. After the object styles are defined, make adjustments to the object style lineweights for each scale to ensure the required output.

These steps may need to be done multiple times as you refine the object styles and line weights for each view scale.


Author: revitschool

Got Inspired By the Words of a Close Friend and Started This.

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