Elevations in Revit has always been a hassle when it comes to showing depth , there are many workarounds for this

Here is a simple & quick trick which I think might be helpful to all.

The elevations in revit can look beautiful and as crisp as cad elevations, thanks to filled regions and line styles.





Unlike Autocad the good or the worst part about REVIT dimensions is that they can not be fooled around.we cannot override dimensionS in revit. So we need to be accurate with what we are drawing.

We can actually set the precision of the dimensions .

select the Type Properties of a dimension, under the Text group parameters you will find the Units Format button. Un-check the Use Project Settings box, then choose your preferred rounding increment.


Orient To View -Presentation in Revit

A quick Thing for beginners in Revit.

Want to have a 3D look on Floor Plan, Elevation, Callouts and  Sections or some by default Angles/ perspectives in revit, Just Right click on view cube, then orient to viewfloor plans, and then click on the callout or directions you want to show in your 3D view.

Orient to ViewOrient to Direction